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1700 West Hillsdale Boulevard, San Mateo, California 94402
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College of San Mateo is an open-enrollment school. All who are interested in earning degrees or certificates, transferring to a university, professional or personal development are encouraged to enroll. The application process is free.


In an atmosphere of collegiality and shared responsibility, and with the objective of sustaining open access for students and being responsive to community needs, the Colleges of the San Mateo County Community College District will fulfill the following mission with excellence:

  1. provide a breadth of educational opportunities and experiences which encourage students to develop their general understanding of human effort and achievement;
  2. provide lower division programs to enable students to transfer to baccalaureate institutions;
  3. provide career and technical education and training programs directed toward career development, in cooperation with business, industry, labor, and public service agencies;
  4. provide basic skills education in language and computational skills required for successful completion of educational goals;
  5. provide a range of student services to assist students in attaining their educational and career goals;
  6. provide self-supporting community education classes, contract education and training, and related services tailored to the human and economic development of the community;
  7. provide leadership in aligning educational programs and services offered by all local educational institutions and community service organizations;
  8. celebrate the community’s rich cultural diversity, reflect this diversity in student enrollment, promote it in its staff, and maintain a campus climate that supports student success.

To fulfill this educational mission, the District is committed to effective institutional research that supports the evaluation and improvement of programs, services, and student outcomes. Shared governance is practiced through processes that are inclusive with regard to information sharing and decision making, and that are respectful of all participants. The District plans, organizes and develops its resources to achieve maximum effectiveness, efficiency, equity and accountability.

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